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January 1, 2013
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Flesh page 37 page art by Jesse-the-art-maker Flesh page 37 page art by Jesse-the-art-maker
Update #20: be sure to check out the finished version with all the word balloons and stuff: [link]

Update #19: Done. Did you see me live on live stream: [link]

Update #18: LOL! The next version is the finished version! I promise! :D

Update #14: Almost.., Fffffffffffffinished!!!! Blugh. :P

Update #13: O_O'... This page isn't finished yet? Have I really been on tumblr scrolling through adventure time fan art and super hot photos of but naked big breasted chicks for THAT long??? Wtf man... wtf...:iconyussh-plz::"Damn you tumblr... Damn you!!!!!:iconravegwahplz:" X'D

Update #12: One, more, panel, to go, And then its finished... u.u.'

Update #11: Yeah still distracted and addicted to the internet. :/ But any how, um, check out the golden parts of Cj's sword shining in the sunlight... Oooooh, Ahhhh, LOL! XD :D ...He unsheeth's his sword and is holding it in his right hand in panel 5, and in the very last panel he puts the word back in... Sorry for any and all confusion! Until next time friends, PEACE! :D

Update #10: Sort of got distracted by the internet there for a whole day... Heh heh... :iconsweatplz:

Update #9: Took a break to watch the newest episode of Adventure Time, it was just a cop out, Jake the dad was a dad for one day and now his kids are already grown up and take care of themselves thus the show fixes itself by having everything go back to normal for the next episode. :/ Damnit, im sorry but thats a little cheap man, its almost like it didn't even happen and thats sort of a big deal since the show is cannon and everything that happens in one episode affects the other episodes. There is a story arc here and throughout all five seasons so far the characters have been growing and developing. So this latest episode is almost like a slap in the face, but in a good way, like when a really hot lady or random girl slaps you in the face, so its all good, a little annoying, but all good...

Update #8: I tried to make it look like Goggles Goldenmore is biting her lip in panel 4. I might try to make it look better later, but this is good for now... Close enough! :D

Update #7: O.k., Im back on the wagon, you ready? Lets do this! :D

Update #6: Just playing around with goggles scanner glasses.(i said glasses because saying goggles twice in one sentence would just confuse the crap out of you!)

Update #5: Erm, sort of went away for awhile huh? :iconsweatplz: I was distracted by other projects snd other things, still am, just showing people it will be worked on and finished soon! :D

Update #3: I made this latest version live on live stream, did you see me? Here is the video on my live stream channel: [link]

Update #2: I need to work out some kinks with panel 2! I will go live on live stream RIGHT NOW and play around with it: [link]

Update #1: So instead of drawing out a faded image on panel 2 of Goggles, I am just going to do a quick copy and paste! What time is it? ITS LAZY TIME! with jesse the artist and Flesh the comic book the fun times will never end its lazy time.~ :D

Previous info and stuff:

Sort of went away for the holidays but im back now, suckin on christmas candy and drinking hot coffee in front of the ocean of forever that is my magical and mystical laptop....

Ahem... :iconahemplz:

Previous page: [link]
The next page: [link]

The wip version in my scrapbook: [link]

The sketch version: [link]

Page dialog for this page:

:star:Panel 1:

Flesh: " Hey Goggles does everything look red? I bet thats really weird to see the world in one color like


:star:Panel 2:

Goggles: "Hold on girlfriend..."

:star:Panel 3:

Goggles: "O.k., the coast is clear! Lets get the heck out of this place!"

Flesh: "Magic words show up on those things? Wierd..."

:star:Panel 4:

Goggles: "They are not nearly as cool as Cj's magic sword..." <3

Flesh: "Oh yeah! I forgot all about that thing! I'm gunna go check it out!"

:star:Panel 5:

Flesh: "Oooooh, magic sword! Wow..."

Cj: "!?"

:star:Panel 6:

Cj: "Hey, if you ever touch that again I'll have ta kill ya! Hahaha, LOL!"

Flesh: "Oh ok..." **blush**
Randommode Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
LOL This page is already good
Jesse-the-art-maker Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Aw man you are just to cool dude! Thanks for saying that man, I added some page dialog while you wait for the next update or panel to get finished! :iconsweatplz: :iconhahaplz:
Randommode Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
It was really funny I liked it :)
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