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:skull: I draw and paint every day! ...Kind of! :skull:


:skull: I like diamonds... if you know what i mEan? :3 :skull:



Jesse-the-art-maker has started a donation pool!
300 / 1,000,000,000
:icondrevilplz: I want you all to give me one MILLION dollars! :la: :D

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Yeah its at 68,000 right now, but i will hit that sweet as heck 69,000 mark in no time, so reserve your free commissions now!

*pre-reserved art gifts for long time watchers(or people i just feel like giving gifts to!)(you dont get to choose what i make for you, it will be a surprise, feel free to make a request for a free commission in the 9 open slots below!):

1-:icondemireius: :star:-FINISHED: FREE PRE-RESERVED COMMISSION GIVEAWAY 6 OF 6 done by Jesse-the-art-maker
2-:iconodunze: :star:-FINISHED: FREE PRE-RESERVED COMMISSION GIVEAWAY 5 OF 6 done by Jesse-the-art-maker
3-:iconquilsnap: :star:-FINISHED: FREE PRE-RESERVED COMMISSION GIVEAWAY 4 OF 6 done by Jesse-the-art-maker 
4-:iconchizulfizulbokun: :star:-FINISHED: FREE PRE-RESERVED COMMISSION GIVEAWAY 3 OF 6 done by Jesse-the-art-maker
5-:iconcurtsibling: :star:-FINISHED: FREE PRE-RESERVED COMMISSION GIVEAWAY 2 OF 6 done by Jesse-the-art-maker
6-:iconsnowstoat: :star:-FINISHED: FREE PRE-RESERVED COMMISSION GIVEAWAY 1 OF 6 done by Jesse-the-art-maker

*free commission slots(people on the pre-reserved list can still get another free commission slot if yall want!):

1- :star:-:iconbenthos1:-:star:-FINISHED: FREE 69000pageview COMMISSION GIVEAWAY 1 OF 9 done by Jesse-the-art-maker
2- :star:-:iconesoraurora:-:star:-FINISHED: FREE 69000pageview COMMISSION GIVEAWAY 2 OF 9 done by Jesse-the-art-maker
3- :star:-:iconkidokoala:-:star:-FINISHED: FREE 69000pageview COMMISSION GIVEAWAY 3 OF 9 done by Jesse-the-art-maker
4- :star:-:iconchizulfizulbokun:-:star:-FINISHED: FREE 69000pageview COMMISSION GIVEAWAY 4 OF 9 done by Jesse-the-art-maker
5- :star:-:iconmastersaruwatari:-:star:-FINISHED: FREE 69000pageview COMMISSION GIVEAWAY 5 OF 9 done by Jesse-the-art-maker
6- :star:-:iconkidokoala:-:star:-FINISHED: FREE 69000pageview COMMISSION GIVEAWAY 7 OF 9 done by Jesse-the-art-maker
7- :star:-:iconcurtsibling:-:star:-FINISHED: FREE 69000pageview COMMISSION GIVEAWAY 6 OF 9 done by Jesse-the-art-maker
8- :star:-:iconkidokoala:-:star:-FINISHED: FREE 69000pageview COMMISSION GIVEAWAY 8 OF 9 done by Jesse-the-art-maker
9- :star:-:iconcurtsibling:-:star:-FINISHED: FREE 69000pageview COMMISSION GIVEAWAY 9 OF 9 done by Jesse-the-art-maker

(you see what i did there? :meow: 6 pre-reserved slots and 9 free public slots... 6, 9... :meow: )



Jesse G.
United States
:skull: I'm just a small town struggling artist from Texas, with dreams of making it big! I'll go where ever this art takes me! I really like to draw action, emotion and characters with good solid story's, I also like bringing art to life and painting random stuff here and there digitally. I can also color stuff traditionally to! But above all... I just love to make art, by any means necessary! :skull:


Jesse Garza Commission Prices AUGUST 2014 FIXED! by Jesse-the-art-maker

All prices are subject to change on a monthly bases and will not be changed during the month the prices are presented and active.

If the x month is still in the tittle during a different month the prices still stand until the tittle changes to a different month regardless of what month it actually is.

I require 1 dollar down on all requested pieces of art to show me you are able to pay me through paypal and to motivate me to focus on your requested piece of art and make the best possible work for you i can.

If your interested send me a note telling me what you want me to do for you. Serious inquires only please! The prices are non negotiable but i do accept weekly to monthly payments for the multi-dollar ones. 

I have the right if i chose to use all artwork in my portfolio as an example of my skills. BUT YOU WILL OWN THE ARTWORK, ONCE YOU PAY FOR IT ITS YOURS TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH IT OR EDIT IT IN ANYWAY YOU LIKE!

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